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Being as I am now retired from my Day Job, I'm turning a couple of long-time hobbies into a Small Business.

I've been making and designing quilts for years, but now I'm working-up patterns and instructions on several of my more popular creations.

In case you are a beginning-quilter, here is an introduction to the history and techniques of the craft.

sunrise sunset cover picture

or, 'The Grandbaby Tracker'

I've done over a dozen of these for various friends, and it is a good beginner-piece.
The square blocks can be 8-inch panel prints: good practice on straight seams and precisely-joined corners.
The oblong top block is strip-pieced, with small pieces applique'd on top.
The stem of the sunflower is a dressmaker's tape measure.
These come in green nowadays, by the way.
The head of the sunflower is actually a picture frame, so it is the most complex piece, but there are lots of how-to pictures.
Finished size appx 16" x 60"

$8.50, including postage

Scrappy Christmas Tree

Wall Quilt

I made the first one of these for myself, when we downsized from a house into an apartment and suddenly there was not floor space to put up a standard tree.
Run a spring-tension curtain rod through the hanging sleeve and mount it in a window.
This is not a first-quilt project: the Log Cabin blocks which form the tree are made up of 1" and 1.5" strips, which require fairly precise stitching, and the base strip involves pieces set on a 45-degree tilt.
The star at the top has 9 gores all coming together in the middle.
Finished size appx 24" x 43"

$8.50, including postage

flyingibwo quilt

Wall or lap Quilt

This is a variant of the traditional "Flying Geese" pattern, inspired by the rediscovery, in 2004, of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in eastern Arkansas.

This one *could* be a first-quilt for someone already familiar with machine-sewing. The "birds" and the border triangles are strip-pieced.
Finished size appx. 48" x 54"

$8.50, including postage

fourseason star

wall quilt

This is not-at-all a beginner piece.
It is a modification of a classic Blazing Star/Lone Star into a 12-point star which is applique'd onto the pieced background at a very specific tilted angle.  There are zodiac signs quilted into the border, and hanging sleeves on all four edges, so it can be rotated as the year progresses.
Finished size appx 45" square

$8.50, including postage

I also sing. Folk-type music.

Legends CD Cover

This is a collection of songs written by friends of mine, about characters from literature, legend, and sometimes even Real Life, from Gilgamesh to Harry Potter.

This includes postage and handling to the Lower Forty-Eight of the United States.  For international orders, email me and we'll figure out how-best to get it to you.
To order by email, go to PayPal and send $17 to "msminlr@gmail.com"
Include your order information in the space where it asks for a message.

What I need to know to process your order:
Your name and mailing address
How many CD's do you want
How much money you are sending

Mark Horning has posted a review of the CD here.

WHOLESALE [to dealers] $10

The standard [6" cube] box I’m using for shipping to dealers will hold 12 CD’s.
Wholesale price for this = $120 + shipping and handling.
I'm pretty-well centrally located in the US:  $3.50 [which includes the cost of the box] will get the box of CD's most places within the Lower 48 at the Media Mail rate.

If you need it faster (or further-away), email me with details and I’ll get a price.

If I will see you at a convention soon, you are not stuck with N=12 for a dealer-order. 
Let me know how many to bring and there won’t be any shipping charge.

I’m currently set up to take payments via credit card only through PayPal.
Their processing charge is now cheaper than a postage stamp to mail me a check.

Payment through PayPal or by money order will get you shipment the day I receive the payment.
I also take personal checks, but cautiously: I will make sure the check is cleared before actually mailing a large order.

If you have any questions, or to place orders, email me

Songs on this CD:

Orpheus’ Song
Gimme Those Old Child Ballads
Puck’s Song
Song from the Pigs’ Side
Monsters in the Night
The White Whale
The Miracle Worker
Quest [Grugan of the Regulars]
Laughter from the Loch
Operation Desert Storm
Fellowship Going South
Daddy’s Little Girl
Just a Boy Named Harry
Second Star to the Right

If you are curious about my OTHER hobbies, here's the link.

10 November 2012